Eurivi Group develops its digital strategy and offers you to create your website or software.

We support you throughout your project to guarantee your satisfaction.

Site creation:

EURIVI GROUP creates your website with the aim of achieving a long-term partnership and with a price level adapted to your convenience:


Drafting of specifications according to your needs. We advise you in this phase in order to obtain a site that best meets your wishes and your image.

  • Images: image search, purchase and optimization
  • Implementation of the site corresponding to the specifications
  • Creation of the tree structure defined in the specifications and creation of pages
  • Use of the CMS in responsive mode (optimized for computer, tablet and mobile)
  • Integration of optimized visuals
  • Contact form
  • RGDP compliance
  • Put our servers online in order to facilitate changes or corrections between you and your developers
  • Final validation of the site by you
  • Payment is only effective when you are satisfied.
  • Putting the site online
  • Purchase of a domain name for 1 year (if necessary)
  • Hosting on a secure server for 1 year (if necessary)
  • Domain name and hosting the following year
  • Update of the CMS and annual plugin
  • TMA package 5 hours or 10 hours
  • SEO optimization
  • Growth activator (Growth hacking)

Marketplace website available early May 2021

FasiWallEurivi Group sets up FASIWALL a global IT Services Business Facilitation platform

A single platform to connect the supply and demand of IT services globally for :

Sell services :

Website creation, digital strategy optimization, marketing, coaching …

Offer training

on software, in project management, or other IT fields

Find missions

on contract or on a flat-rate basis for freelancers or ESN

The platform secures transactions for a guarantee of services: payment is only effective if the product or service purchased is deemed compliant by the buyer.
Freelancers and ESNs have a single site open to the international market for all of their services.