Consulting and strategic management

Consulting and strategic management is the solution to adapt your HRIS and plan your future projects.

The HRIS is a considerable asset within the company, it helps with the administrative management of staff, career management, payroll management, time and activity management as well as training platforms …

Thanks to HRIS, companies reduce costs and save time to focus on innovating new projects and creating value.

A master plan is a major step in defining, formalizing and setting up or updating an information system. This summary document is generally drawn up by the IT department and validated by the general management of the organization.

Acquisition of an HRIS

Providing the company with an HRIS solution requires carrying out a detailed upstream audit and drafting a complete specification.

HRIS Integration: The HRIS tool must be integrated into the entire information system of the company. The project team must harmonize statutes, practices and rules, as well as data exchange formats.

The agile method is a term under which is grouped together a set of project management and implementation practices, which originates from a manifesto drawn up in 2001 by a group of 17 experts (Le Manifeste Agile)

it is a project management approach that is contrary to traditional predictive and sequential approaches of the V-cycle or waterfall type (cascade cycle).

The agile method is based on short cycles, precise iterations and experience feedback with the objective of constantly adapting to changing customer needs.

-Respond to user needs

  • Deliver a useful and usable project that meets the needs

-Deliver on time

-Limit production and maintenance costs

  • use resources efficiently
  • only produce what is useful
  • Minimize scope while maximizing business value
  • don’t sacrifice quality

– people at the center of all projects

  • give visibility to teams and end users
  • Bet on people and communication
  • Write software that works
  • Collaborate with the user
  • React and adapt to changes

Information about Consulting and strategic management

Manage an HRIS project:

Our strength lies in the mastery of each project area.

Our approach to guarantee the success of your HRIS project:

  • Perfect knowledge of the offers on the market.
  • A mastery of HR professions thanks to our employees who have more than 20 years of experience. And our expertise in human resources, which allows us to frame and respond quickly to your needs
  • An adaptive organization where the emphasis is on the culture, empowerment and motivation of employees who are actors and not shareholders.
  • The voice of the customer is a major tool for us, it is what allows us to deliver value

Our skills to manage your projects

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